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It takes longer, the commitment is larger, the skill level higher

kids cliff jumping

Top 17 of 2017

What a year 2017 has been!  We have had more amazing adventures than we could shake a stick at.  We have beenView full post »

Sequoia National Park: Backpacking with Kids

Sequoia National Park conjours up images of majestic, awe-inspiring trees, famed as the largest in the world.  What isView full post »

Canoeing the North Fork of the Flathead River

The headwaters of the Flathead River drain the SE corner of British Columbia in Canada.  This is a special area thatView full post »

Seeking Solitude: Whakapapaiti Valley, Tongariro National Park

This article was originally written for Tiny Big Adventure – an awesome company that we are proud to beView full post »

Pouakai Tarns Mt Taranaki

Tramping the Pouakai Circuit: Egmont National Park

Mt Taranaki (Egmont) stands proud midway down the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is an extinct volcanoView full post »

fish lake backcountry cabin

Backcountry Hut Adventures with Kids

I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for family-friendly adventures.  I have a filing box in my brain for theseView full post »

Family of hikers beside Upper Elk Lake

5 Tips for Choosing a Suitable Backpacking Trip for your Family

SO! ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT TRYING A BACKPACKING TRIP WITH YOUR KID(S)? It will truly be worth the effort.  Promise.View full post »

Awesome campsite

Light-Weight Family Backpacking

Multi-day Backpacking, or tramping as we call it in New Zealand, has been in the ‘too hard basket’ for us for a fewView full post »

Family canoeing

Family Canoeing the Green River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Three years ago, I was doing my research on the Green River in Utah.  I was enthralled by a river that had noView full post »

Canoeing on Murtle Lake, Wells Gray Provincial Park

In Central British Columbia is tucked this gem of a lake, with clear sparkling waters, majestic mountains, and heavilyView full post »