Why Born To Adventure?

I wanted to share with you, a little bit more about my motivation behind Born to Adventure.  I have a strong belief that we are all ‘Born to Adventure’. We all need something that is exciting and compelling beyond the everyday-normal.  Something to make us feel alive, challenged, and true to what God made us for.  Nothing makes me feel more on-fire than adventuring with my family, camera in hand.  Naturally, this is the passion I will be sharing here!

We are a Mum and a Dad with a desire to be outdoors.  It is the place we have most loved to spend time together as a couple, so by default our kids have been born into adventure of this kind.

It is easy to put off being active with our kids because it is hard.  I will be the first to admit that it is insanely hard. It was so much easier and actually more fun when it was just the two of us, and our friends. There is a different kind of joy and challenge in taking young kids, and I am hopeful that as the average age of our kids increases, so does the calibre of possibilities.  The outdoors is the alternative we hope to provide to the plugged-in existence that many young people experience today.  It is so important to us that our kids are active and interactive with real people in real time.

Many people are surprized when we bike or canoe by, with our large troupe.  We turn heads.  They exclaim over how many kids we have, or about the cool contraption(s) we have to make it all work.   The attention makes me feel weird and energized.  Weird because I don’t like to draw attention, and energized because I believe it is so beneficial to us as a family, to get into the great outdoors. I so love that we are doing it.

Adventure feels like a kind of ‘glue’ that holds our family together.  We have never experienced any other medium in life that develops friendship and teamwork like adventures together do.  It is a great way to teach our kids endurance and resilience.  We appreciate the fun we have as a family and the memories we have made together.  The thrills…..spotting beavers swimming under our canoe. Paddling stealth-like and getting to watch a moose. Learning to love and appreciate the beauty of creation from a young age. Kids experiencing success in lighting their own campfire. Helping baby birds fallen from a nest. Hunting frogs. Steering the canoe without adult help. Meadows of wildflowers. Getting to the top of a rock climb.  Taking care of each other. Sleeping in tents. Mastering skills. Learning to enjoy the simple things in life.  These are the types of benefits that keep us inspired and going back for more.

But we are also just an ordinary family.  We drive a minivan.  We like and need quiet time at home.  We have to go grocery shopping and clean the house.  We like people to come over for dinner, or to stay a night, or a month.  There’s always homework.  We have sibling conflict.  We have to work for a living…..

Please will you join us in attempting to live a life less ordinary?!  You are more than welcome to contact me and ask questions, share your own stories, or just to pop in and say hi!


  • January 31, 2017 - 11:29 am

    Life By Mugs - I love how you said adventure is the “glue” that holds your family together! We feel the same way! Our adventures even the small ones or the ones that totally fail bring us closer together.ReplyCancel

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