Hi, I’m Leanne

the one who writes here, and takes the pictures.  I also say “we”, “us”, and “our” a lot.  That’s reference to the one husband and five kids that make this boat float.   We are a disheaveled and energetic bunch with an insatible desire to live a life less ordinary.   Aboutv2

We hail from the two best countries in the world (yes, I’m biased!). New Zealand and Canada. I am a Kiwi, hubby is a Canuck.  That makes us all dual-cultured.  Between the lot of us, we have a very large fistful of passports!

British Columbia is currently our home, tucked in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. East Kootenay Mountains

We have spent 16 years working professionally as Outdoor Instructors / Guides / Managers.  In fact, it was our mutual career paths that had us meet many moons ago on Vancouver Island, where we were both working as instructors.  Back then, he wasn’t interested in me.  Apparently I was too short!  We are precisely 1 foot different in height!

The majority of our time together, we have lived in New Zealand.  We mostly managed Blue Mountain Adventure Centre, which was a superb place to pour out our heart and soul, and the passion we have for using Outdoor Adventures as a medium to effect change in people’s lives and relationships.

2012 was a year we decided we needed a break and a chance to re-evaluate things.  We packed up all our worldly possessions, put them in storage, and hopped on a jet-plane with our (then) 4 kids.  We had a very rough plan, a whole lot of faith, and hearts full of hopes and dreams. We had 9 months to travel & explore the great outdoors that Australia and North America had to offer, and we were hoping to stay and make Canada our home.

We have been here for 4 ½ years now, and though we don’t make a living from working in the outdoors anymore, we are passionate about adventuring with each other and our kids, and sharing our knowledge and good times with others. Adventures with kids


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