Making a Plan

As much as I would like to say adventures just happen, they don’t most of the time.  It is usually an intentional act of my will.  I am naturally a schemer and often have a gazillion *great* ideas, with only about 0.5% coming to fruition!  I also have a full blown case of forgetfulness – I blame my mama brain for that.

I need a plan even for the micro stuff, so that when I want a spontaneous moment, but yet can’t think of what to do, I consult my list.  I use two different systems:  The good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper, and the wunderlist app.

Each year I make my own day planner / diary from a template I have developed over the years.  I print it and get it bound, and without it I would be dead in the water.  I make yearly goals, and then break them down into monthly goals, and weekly tasks.  I don’t live and die by it, but it helps to keep me focused and clarify what is important to me, as well as keep seven people’s lives somewhat functional. 20160321-49 20160321-51

I use the wunderlist app to brainstorm local locations that we can visit.  I have folders set up, one of them being ‘Recreation’ and a subfolder ‘Local Short Activities’.  They are mostly just locations, without anything there per se, but the kids make their own fun together at different places in our local area, and I enjoying photographing them. 20160321-54

One of the things on my list of Local Short Activities was to visit an unofficial zip line that the kids had discovered in the forest.  We had a super early dinner and went in the evening when the light was nice (important for this mum with a camera!). Kids on Zip line Kids on Zip line Kids on Zip line Kids on Zip line Kids on Zip line 20160319Zipline-91

It was pretty simple.  We needed warmer clothes, that’s it.  It was a 5 min drive, and a 200m walk.  We probably weren’t there even an hour but it refreshed us all.  Trust me, the activities don’t need to be complex 🙂


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