Let’s Inspire our Kids: Running on the Juan De Fuca Trail to Mystic Beach

I remember before we had kids, standing on the beach at Cathedral Cove in New Zealand, trying to convince myself to go for a swim in the ocean.  It was hard, because I am a total wuss when it comes to cold water.  I liked the idea of going in, but wasn’t so stoked about how it would feel.  Though I had yet to experience motherhood, I had a very strong thought that I must go in because I didn’t want to be a Mum that sat on the sidelines.  One that observed, but didn’t want to get involved, get dirty (or cold, or wet or __________).  I wanted to be the Mum that took a risk to have some fun and make a memory or two.

Now that I am a Mum to five kids, I am conscious that I can easily sit out an activity.  I’m tired.  Or I want a few minutes of peace.  Or I would rather indulge my photography passion and hide behind the lens.

Today I was amazed at the kids’ enthusiasm to ‘copy’ a couple of us Mum’s.

I love to run trails in new locations.  It is one of the things that I enjoy most about travelling.  I had a hope that I could run the length of the Juan De Fuca trail.  For family and travel logistics, that wasn’t going to work.  But I at least wanted to run a little piece of it.  I convinced my friend to join me.  She isn’t even a runner!  We set off at a trot, leaving the Dad’s and kids to walk the trail to Mystic Beach which was about 3km along the trail that we were running.  Running Juan De Fuca TrailWe ran a few kilometers out and back, and returned to Mystic Beach where the gang had been playing for a couple of hours on this very cool rope swing.

Mystic Beach Rope Swing

Mystic Beach Rope Swing Vancouver Island Rope Swing 20140623-124 Rope Swing Mystic Beach Mystic Beach Rope Swing Mystic Beach Rope Swing Beach West Coast Vancouver Island Mystic Beach Rope SwingWhen it was time to leave the big kids wanted to run back the 3kms to the car.  Sure!  Why not?!  I loved that they were so determined and proud, and I like to think that it was because seeing their mothers set off earlier in the day inspired them to get their tush moving too.  I think kids expect their Dad’s to be involved, but it’s extra cool when us Mum’s are brave & strong, and our kids get to learn from us about pushing past obstacles and persevering. kids Running Juan De Fuca TrailNone of them had footwear to run.  I dubbed them the ‘flip-flop running club’ as they jumped logs and dodged roots and ran like gazelle’s through the trees. Fit kids

So I challenge you Mum’s today, to take a deep breath and go inspire your kids.  It will make them smile and you will feel pretty awesome in the process too!! Promise 🙂

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